A Chinese tourist, who was angry over arrangements for accommodation and the rescheduling of a cancelled flight, threw a chair at a South Korean airport. The incident took place on Monday at Jeju International Airport, according to Korean Television Station YTN, as reported by Sina News.

Chinese man throws chair composit
Photo: Yangtse Evening Post
Chinese man throws chair at Jeju Airport
Photo: Yangtse Evening Post

Police were called to take control of the situation and more then ten officers arrived, with one Chinese man taken into custody.

Chinese man throws chair police
Photo: Yangtse Evening News
Chinese man at Jeju airport
Photo: Yangtse Evening Post

Due to heavy snow, Jeju International Airport had halted flights for around 44 hours, affecting more than a thousand flights between January 23-25

Passengers at Jeju Airport
Photo: Yangtse Evening Post
People sleeping in Jeju Airport
Photo: Yangtse Evening Post

It is estimated that around 89,000 people were affected and out of that number, more than 1,400 people were trapped at the airport.

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