Ever wonder what your fellow MTR commuters are listening to? Music streaming service Spotify and local alternative platform IndieCast.fm give HKFP an overview of 2015’s most popular artists and tracks among their Hong Kong fans.

Spotify’s Top Five Artists in Hong Kong

1. Jay Chou

2. Maroon 5

3. Ed Sheeran


5. One Direction

Pakho Chau, Juno Mak and Hins Cheung also made it onto the list of top five Asian artists in Hong Kong.

Spotify’s Top Five Albums in HK

1. Beauty Behind The Madness – The Weeknd
2. Title – Meghan Trainor
3. Delirium – Ellie Goulding
4. MY HOUSE – Flo Rida
5. Uptown Special – Mark Ronson

Meanwhile, Sugar by Maroon 5 takes the crown for the most streamed track in Hong Kong Spotify users, while Supper Moment’s Endless is the top viral track.

IndieCast.fm’s Top Ten Indie Artists in Hong Kong

1. Rain In Time

2. Seasons for Change

3. Maniac

4. Instinct of Sight

5. Prune Deer

Other bands featured on the 20 most streamed tracks on IndieCast.fm include TUX, SilHungMo, AN ID SIGNAL, and Say You Care.

IndieCast.fm’s co-founder Victor Chan says, “In my opinion, Maniac and Rain In Time are both energetic, powerful and at the same time [they] have catchy melodies. They sing in Cantonese, [so] local audience could easily relate to the lyrics. Their live performances are good to watch too,”  

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