A trailer transporting a new light rail train car parked at a bus stop in Tuen Mun on Tuesday morning when the truck broke down, reports Apple Daily.

A man, surnamed Yau, who lives in Sun Tuen Mun Centre said he saw the trailer park at the bus stop opposite the Tuen Mun Depot at around 3am. It remained at the bus stop during rush hours.

The train car on the trailer reaches up to 19 metres and weighs 7.5 tons.

“[The train car was] larger and longer than normal container trucks,” Yau said.

new light rail train car
The light rail train car on the trailer parked at the bus stop.

“The container trailer blocked the entire bus stop, and passengers had to board the bus in the middle of the road,” Yau said.

The Chairman of the Hong Kong Commercial Vehicle Driving Instructors Association, Cheng Chor-kwong, said police had the right to treat it as illegal parking and issue tickets. He also said the train car’s sharp edges could cause accidents easily.

light rail train car
Passengers had to board the bus in the middle of the road.

The MTR Corporation said the truck transporting the new train car to the depot malfunctioned, so the trailer had to be parked at the bus stop. It was transported back to the depot straight after the truck had been repaired by noon on Tuesday, MTRC added.

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