A batch of Trappist Dairy fresh milk has been found to contain a total bacterial count exceeding the legal limit, according to The Centre for Food Safety (CFS).

trappist fresh milk
Trappist fresh milk. Photo: CFS.

Small milk cartons (236ml) with a “use by” date of August 22nd are affected. The CFS said that the tests indicate “unsatisfactory hygienic conditions” though consuming the milk may not necessarily lead to food poisoning.

The company has been forced to remove the affected products from the shelves.

A CFS spokesperson said that “the total bacterial count of the sample was 260,000,000 per millilitre”. After heat treatment, by means of pasteurisation, milk should not contain more than 30,000 bacteria per millilitre.

trappist dairy fresh milk
Photo: Trappist Dairy.

In 2011, three batches of Trappist Dairy milk were found to contain harmful chemicals and were recalled.

The CFS is part of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

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