HK URBEX explores an abandoned cinema in Hong Kong. Watch as the team sifts through the collapsing building, notorious for being “haunted”.

“Situated deep in the suburbs of a derelict part of Eastern Kowloon district, this cinema has been plagued by ghost stories and haunting sightings. Left to rot since the 90s, it has remained untouched with developers and property tycoons shying away from the site. The peculiar concrete exterior even resembles a Chinese coffin. Positioned on a hilly slope, the area was prone to landslides and there was a tragic incident in the 1970s which resulted in fatalities that are now said to haunt the movie theatre.”

YouTube video

The hills have since been shotcreted, but there was also a fire in the structure in which caused it to shut down in the early 90s. Although repairs were made, it was the never same. Urban legends say the spirits of the dead still live on inside the ghostly cinema.”

HK Urbex is a group of visual creators and storytellers on a mission to unearth Hong Kong's derelict abandoned sites.