Jasper Tsang Yok-shing has stated that he knows Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is not pleased with him and that he would not be surprised if he was named as the worst LegCo president.

In a TVB interview on Tuesday, he said: “If you ask him [Leung], he will say Tsang Yok-shing is the worst LegCo president, because he has been allowing the pan-democrats to disrupt [LegCo]… I know CY and some of his colleagues are very unhappy with the way the filibustering has been going on in LegCo.”

He went on to say that some may blame him for the disruption in the chamber.

jasper tsang, tvb, interview
Jasper Tsang on Straight Talk. Photo: TVB News

Appearing on the Pearl Channel’s “Straight Talk” programme, Tsang emphasised that he could not act beyond the scope of his powers, because it would be disastrous if he had to face a judicial review challenge and lost.

When asked about his brother Tsang Tak-sing’s departure from his post as Secretary for Home Affairs, Jasper Tsang confirmed rumours that his brother was asked by the Chief Executive to step down. Tsang also did not agree that his brother should be held responsible for the pro-democracy Occupy movement last year.

jasper tsang, tvb, straight talk
Jasper Tsang on Straight Talk.

“It is such a large scale mass movement. I think it is absurd to simply point your finger to one particular official and say it is because you did a bad job. It is neither fair to the official himself nor to the students. I know very well if CY came to him and said look, we have Lau Kong-wah – a very good replacement for you – my brother will be very glad to step aside.”

On a radio show last month, Jasper Tsang also criticised the government source who circulated rumours that two former officials were replaced because of their poor performance as an “idiot who could not be any dumber.”

Tsang Tak-sing, who had served as Secretary for Home Affairs since 2007, was replaced by former Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau undersecretary Lau Kong-wah July this year. The decision had drawn muted criticism from the pro-Beijing camp.

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