An HKU Council member’s questionable “fall” during scuffles between students and officials at a meeting on Tuesday has quickly become a subject of online ridicule.

Some 50 students forced their way into HKU Council’s meeting following a decision to postpone the appointment of a new pro-vice chancellor, considered by some as evidence of political interference.

During the commotion Lo Chung-mau, a doctor and HKU Council member, fell to the ground clutching his knee, later claiming someone had pushed him over as he was leaving.

Lo the football player. Photo: 田一大土 via Golden Forum.
Lo Chung-mau’s fall. Photo: Stand News.

But footage emerged on the internet apparently contradicting his claim. Video clips appear to show Lo sinking to the floor of his own accord while no one is watching.

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Pictures of Lo’s collapse sparked a flurry of memes online as netizens mocked the doctor’s questionable collapse. Here are some of the best…

Lo the model. Photo: 歡迎偷圖 via Facebook.
Lo the dancer. Photo: Warfarin via Golden Forum.
Lo the occupier. Photo: Chihiro via Golden Forum.
Lo the football player in action. Photo: 改你朋友 via Golden Forum.
Lo the synchronised swimmer. Photo: 齊陰既母親 via Golden Forum.
Lo the caution sign. Photo: 樓主個老母 via Golden Forum.
Lo the street fighter. Photo: 松鼠狗 via Golden Forum.
Lo the judo fighter. Photo: 送禮勤 via Golden Forum.
Lo the musical theatre performer. Photo: 松鼠狗 via Golden Forum.
Lo the diver. Photo: 村民點諗 via Facebook.
Lo and the famous Japanese cartoon Gudetama. Photo: Ywl Wan via Facebook.
Where’s Lo? (Hint: top left) Photo: 中央聖學子 via Facebook.

Ellie Ng

Ellie Ng has written for Foreign Policy, the Daily Telegraph, Global Voices Online and others.