A Chinese aerospace company has successfully developed a “fire suppression missile” that can put out fires in high-rise buildings.

The system, which was developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, was showcased at the Defence Industry Achievements Exhibition last week. Missiles fired from a fire truck can break windows and spray extinguishing agents wherever a fire is detected.

Each specially designed truck can hold 24 missiles.

Photo: Ceweekly.

Speaking to the China Economic Weekly, the company’s chief engineer said that they embarked on the project because high-rise fires posed a challenge for traditional fire trucks. The company adapted technology used by the military.

He added that the firetruck will be able to hit targets several hundred metres. The missile launch will be quiet and sparkless, according to the engineer.


During a test run of the missile fire extinguishing system, smoke could be seen after the rockets had been launched.

Photo: casic.com.cn.

The test involved a fire truck launching fire supression missiles at a simulated building on a hill. Chinese media reported that the missiles hit the target accurately and put out the fire “in seconds”.

The engineer added the missile is equipped with a control system that can ensure a safe landing even if it goes off track.

Photo: casic.com.cn.

The missiles have received a certificate from the Public Security Ministry in late-2014, indicating that they can be used by China’s fire services.

The company said it had received orders from serveral fire service teams in mainland China.

Eric Cheung

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