The Panama Papers and the conscience of Hong Kong – time for a wake-up call

When I read about the Panama Papers, my mind went back to what I used to do at 11:15am every day as a court news reporter. 11:15am is when the court took its morning break, giving me a moment to run searches on the corporate entities in the lawsuits that had just come in. I’d…

How Hong Kong makes it easy for wealthy Chinese to launder billions of dollars

Hong Kong government officials were lining up on Tuesday to insist that the city is not a major centre for money laundering. Their protests are not entirely convincing. Hong Kong may not be the conduit of choice for drug cartels or terrorist organisations looking to cleanse their dirty cash. But it certainly is the favourite…

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HKFP Interview: Shareholder activist David Webb on the Panama Papers and improving transparency

More than 11 million leaked files, known as the Panama Papers, were obtained securely from an anonymous source over a year ago by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The data leak shows how the world’s rich and powerful hide their wealth. HKFP spoke to David Webb, shareholder activist and webmaster of the corporate governance portal, about the implications for Hong Kong…

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