Jailed Hong Kong ex-localist leader Edward Leung to seek early release – report

Activist Edward Leung has applied for early release ahead ahead of completing his six-year jail term for rioting, local media have reported. Leung was jailed in 2018 after being convicted of rioting in Mong Kok in 2016. HK01 cited a source as saying that the 29-year-old ex-localist leader was to seek release under supervision. He […]


Violence condemned, but storming of Hong Kong’s legislature has not dispelled public sympathy for protesters

By Kenneth Ng The consistently peaceful mass demonstrations for democracy in Hong Kong have won international acclaim. But this record was somewhat tarnished by the storming of the legislature by protesters in the evening of July 1. Nevertheless, public opinion in Hong Kong society remains divided. Condemnations of violence went parallel with sympathy for the […]


‘It’s the same dictatorship’: Veteran activist Lee Cheuk-yan on keeping the flame of the Tiananmen protests alive

Veteran activist Lee Cheuk-yan has spent the past three decades resisting authoritarianism. In 1989, roused by the rallying cries for democracy, the then 32-year-old travelled to Tiananmen Square to deliver donations raised during a Hong Kong benefit concert to protesters. He was detained and made to sign a letter of remorse, around the time the tanks […]


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