Hong Kong judges who can’t manage political impartiality should at least fake it

As a long-time observer, and occasional critic, of Hong Kong judges I must congratulate Mr Kwok Wai-kin on making my previously eccentric hobby a mainstream activity. Judge Kwok, who exercises his doubtless Solomon-like qualities in the district courts, has been reassigned to non-political matters after much criticism of his remarks when sentencing a man who […]

Hong Kong activist Edward Leung loses appeal against 6-year jail term over 2016 unrest

Hong Kong localist activist Edward Leung has lost an appeal against his jail term in connection with rioting during the 2016 Mong Kok unrest. In June 2018, the 28-year-old was sentenced to six years in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer and being convicted of one charge of rioting. The Mong Kok unrest was triggered by the authorities’ […]


In Full: ‘I remain true to my original intention’ – Tommy Cheung’s Umbrella Movement speech ahead of sentencing

Tommy Cheung was one of nine leading Umbrella Movement activists found guilty of public nuisance for their involvement in the 2014 pro-democracy protests on Tuesday. The former student leader shared his mitigation statement ahead of his sentencing. He read out a Chinese version in court on Wednesday morning. A mitigation statement by Tommy Cheung Your Honour, “Perhaps […]


‘It’s the same dictatorship’: Veteran activist Lee Cheuk-yan on keeping the flame of the Tiananmen protests alive

Veteran activist Lee Cheuk-yan has spent the past three decades resisting authoritarianism. In 1989, roused by the rallying cries for democracy, the then 32-year-old travelled to Tiananmen Square to deliver donations raised during a Hong Kong benefit concert to protesters. He was detained and made to sign a letter of remorse, around the time the tanks […]


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