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‘We will not back down’: Activist Denise Ho attacked with paint in Taiwan as thousands march in solidarity with Hong Kong protesters

Hong Kong singer and pro-democracy activist Denise Ho was attacked with red paint in Taiwan on Sunday, ahead of a protest in support of Hong Kong’s protests movement. 何韻詩出席台港遊行 突遭潑紅漆攻擊 何韻詩受到攻擊後的表現好冷靜,令人佩服,另外攻擊者也被逮捕囉!#香港 #反送中 #台港遊行 #何韻詩 新聞連結:【何韻詩出席台港遊行 突遭潑紅漆攻擊】 Posted by 自由時報 on Sunday, 29 September 2019 One of the assailants, dressed in protest gear, suddenly emerged behind […]