The national anthem law, which criminalises insulting March of the Volunteers, was approved by China’s legislative body in 2017. Violators in China face detention of up to 15 days by police, or criminal prosecution. It is also set to be rolled out in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong court upholds sergeant’s testimony at national anthem insult trial, despite records of rule violations

A Hong Kong court has adjourned the verdict in the first trial relating to insulting the Chinese national anthem, after a magistrate cleared doubts over a police sergeant’s expert testimony. The sergeant previously faced a disciplinary hearing for an absence from duty, and a series of rule violations 17 years ago. Magistrate Minnie Wat of…


Careful what you hum in Hong Kong schools

Hong Kong passed another small sad landmark on the path to perdition last week with the beginning of the political purge of the education business which has featured prominently on the Liaison Office’s wish list lately. The latest victim was a Miss Lee at the Heung To Middle School in Kowloon Tong. Her offence, however,…

Hong Kong’s 50-year curse takes effect early… but this is just the beginning

In the 1980s, Hong Kong – often described as a borrowed city on borrowed time – was put on a 50-year countdown by China and the UK. As soon as the curse was placed, a mass exodus took place, with few trusting the Communist Party’s poor track record. But, as two decades passed, the curse…

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