The national anthem law, which criminalises insulting March of the Volunteers, was approved by China’s legislative body in 2017. Violators in China face detention of up to 15 days by police, or criminal prosecution. It is also set to be rolled out in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong leader appeals to public for ‘full understanding’ and ‘staunch support’ of national security law

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has appealed for citizens to show “full understanding” and “staunch support” for the national security law in an open letter published in newspapers on Friday. It came a day after China’s parliament approved plans to impose legislation to criminalise secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference in Hong Kong. The […]

Hong Kong’s debate on national anthem bill halted after democrat hurls decayed plant

The Legislative Council meeting on the controversial national anthem bill was suspended on Thursday morning after a pro-democracy lawmaker threw a rotten plant towards the president’s seat. Democratic Party legislator Ted Hui dropped a bag containing a brownish fetid substance in front of LegCo President Andrew Leung. The drama occurred during a meeting that was […]



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