Disqualified Hong Kong democrat challenges 2018 by-election ban as two other ousted lawmakers told to repay wages

Ousted Hong Kong pro-democracy legislator Lau Siu-lai challenged an electoral officer’s decision to bar her from running in the 2018 Legislative Council Kowloon West by-election last Thursday. In October 2018, Returning Officer Franco Kwok Wai-fun said Lau’s by-election nomination was invalid, arguing that she had backed calls for self-determination and thus would not genuinely uphold […]

Hong Kong’s election Catch-22: if the vote was valid, you’re disqualified; if it wasn’t, then you lose your seat

For anyone still wondering why Hong Kongers are angry enough to do what they have done during the past six months, two more aggravations can be used to illustrate the answer. The latest provocations concern two elected pro-democracy Legislative Councilors, Au Nok-hin and Gary Fan Kwok-wai.  They have just joined the group of those disqualified […]


Long hair’s legal bid to win back his legislative seat: A long judgement with long delays

Risking serious brain damage, I endeavoured to read the Court of Appeal’s findings in the case of Leung Kwok-Hung, alias “Long Hair” and the Secretary for Justice, alias one of the Chinese Communist Party’s local poodles. Frankly, I do not recommend this, unless you are having serious difficulty in getting to sleep. Most of it […]

How a pro-Beijing newspaper celebrated 10 victories against Hong Kong’s democrats in 2018

Everyone here has been celebrating… everyone, that is, whose sympathies are with Beijing, the Hong Kong Government, and all loyalist parties, unions, councils, committees, and the network of friendly associations that now extend throughout the territory. In an article posted in pro-Beijing newspaper Wen Wei Po, writers set out the 2018 victories, accomplishments, and the promise of […]


From electoral triumph to prison: ex-aide of ousted lawmaker Yau Wai-ching says movement tried to go too far, too fast

To Terry Yeung, the 25-year-old former assistant of disqualified lawmaker Yau Wai-ching, if their party did not commit that mistake in 2016, their lives could have turned out completely different. In October of that year, Youngspiration’s Yau and Baggio Leung took their oaths of office as lawmakers in controversial ways – which some considered derogatory to […]


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