Protests erupted in June 2019 across Hong Kong over a now-axed extradition bill. They escalated into sometimes violent displays of dissent against police behaviour, amid calls for democracy and anger over Beijing’s encroachment.


Hong Kong court accepts case against taxi driver who allegedly rammed into protesters

A Hong Kong court has accepted a private prosecution launched by Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui who is pressing charges against a taxi driver who allegedly rammed his vehicle into pro-democracy protesters last year. Speaking to reporters after a closed-door hearing at the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts on Friday, Hui said the judge deemed the evidence […]

How Hong Kong’s national security legislation may affect the church

While details of the outworking of the proposed national security bill have not yet been announced, many sectors of Hong Kong society are already beginning to express concern about its potential impact. At first sight, it might seem that there should be little expected impact on the operation of Christian churches, since freedom of religion […]


China’s Hong Kong problem: Now there’s nobody else to blame

Let me be clear: I believed five years ago and believe today that both Britain and Europe would be better off with Britain in Europe. I thought the tactics used by the Leave campaign were repugnant and those by the Remain campaign complacent; I was devastated by the vote. Yet, now, I support Brexit. This […]


To stay or go? Meet the Hong Kong protesters who fled to Canada to seek asylum

Carrie’s trip to the Hong Kong International Airport wasn’t exciting. Although she hadn’t slept for a few days, she was on guard – paying extra attention to her surroundings and being cautious with every step she took while trying to make her way through the gate. After the plane took off, she fell deeply asleep […]

Exclusive: Cartoonist Badiucao says satire is the ‘temporary aspirin’ that can heal Hong Kong’s protest trauma

Chinese-Australian artist Badiucao has told HKFP that the power of political satire comes from deconstructing authority and it can act as a “temporary painkiller” for Hongkongers traumatised by the ongoing pro-democracy protests. In an exclusive live-streamed interview, the cartoonist shared his thoughts on the role of art in social movements and spoke of how humour […]

Exclusive: ‘Strategic positivity’ needed to confront Beijing on world stage, says rights law expert Sharon Hom

Human rights law expert Sharon Hom has told HKFP that “strategic positivity” is needed to confront Beijing on the world stage, and activists should not give up on imperfect platforms such the UN. In an exclusive interview live-streamed on Facebook, the executive director of Human Rights in China said that the global Covid-19 pandemic had […]


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HKFP Lens: Hong Kong police round up hundreds of youngsters in protest crackdown

Hong Kong police fired pepper pellets in the central business district and arrested almost 300 people in Causeway Bay, Central and Mong Kok on Wednesday after protesters gathered in opposition to the national anthem law and national security law. The day began with a stop-and-search security operation at the legislature in Admiralty – HKFP’s May James was […]

HKFP Lens: Defiance & voices – frontline photography from the Hong Kong protests

Large-scale protests erupted last June over a now-axed extradition bill that would have enabled fugitive transfers to mainland China. For the entirety of the unrest — from the early, vast marches to the violent police arrests to the vandalism and the eventual ballot box victory — some of the world’s best local and international photographers […]


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