Can Hong Kong lead the world in flattening the ‘carbon curve’?

Hong Kong is, in some ways, a microcosm of the world; in other ways, it is far from it. After its success in handling the Covid-19 crisis so far, the city can show a way for the rest of the world to avoid the impending climate crisis. Were it to achieve a zero net carbon economy […]

What Covid-19 can teach us about tackling the climate crisis

By Wendell Chan Thanks, or no thanks, to the ongoing pandemic, the world has been forced to make many changes. Organisations have adopted work-from-home arrangements or flexible working hours to avoid peak hours, and some have moved employees to backup offices to reduce physical contact. Video conferences are now the norm for business meetings and […]


Why Hong Kong’s climate change efforts fall short

Official declarations of emergency, urgent consultations with scientific experts and a raft of radical social and economic policies to protect public health and the economy. That’s the approach that the Hong Kong government has adopted over recent weeks to battle the coronavirus, but it contrasts starkly with the lethargy and collective dragging of feet when […]

‘Seas are rising, so are we’: Student protesters renew call for Hong Kong to declare a climate emergency

Hong Kong students marched through the rain on Sunday as they renewed their calls for more government action to tackle the climate crisis. Among their demands were for authorities to declare an environmental and climate emergency, and pledge to increase their use of renewable energy sources. The rally is the second of its kind to […]