For their own good, Hong Kong’s business community should stand with protesters

By Calum Muirhead As the coronavirus pandemic begins to subside and life slowly returns to normal, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement is showing no signs of going away. Despite heavy-handed efforts by the Beijing government to interfere in the city’s constitutional framework, arrest prominent democratic activists and, more recently, push pro-Beijing lawmakers to force their rivals […]


A missing Chinese property tycoon exposes how Xi Jinping governs through enforced disappearance

Ren Zhiqiang, an outspoken Chinese tycoon, who in a February essay blamed the Coronavirus outbreak on a Party culture that prioritizes propaganda, flattery toward Xi Jinping, and silences free speech, has himself been silenced. He disappeared last month, joining a growing list of recent whistle-blowers who have gone missing after speaking out. Last Tuesday, Beijing authorities announced that he has been placed under […]


Road to activism: how a Hong Kong student led anti-extradition law solidarity protests in Taiwan

“No China extradition!” “Support Hong Kong!” “Protect Taiwan!” people chanted outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei on June 16 – both in Mandarin and Cantonese. On a burning summer afternoon in the capital where the temperature surpassed 30 Celsius, an estimated 10,000 Taiwanese and Hongkongers – mostly students – rallied in solidarity with the millions […]

The Tiananmen Massacre, 30 years on – Survivor Q&A: Zhou Fengsuo

Ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, HKFP asked several survivors of the crackdown to answer a set of questions about the tragedy and their views on China’s future. The 1989 massacre ended months of student-led demonstrations in China as the military was deployed to suppress protesters in Beijing. It is estimated that hundreds, perhaps […]


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