Hundreds donate to support sacked academic and Xi Jinping critic

Hundreds of former students have come to the support of a law professor fired from an elite Chinese university for his outspoken criticism of President Xi Jinping, raising more than 100,000 yuan (US$14,300) in donations. Xu Zhangrun, who taught at Tsinghua University for over 20 years, wrote an open letter to thank almost 600 alumni […]

Bearing no malice: Top US diplomat Pompeo denies Pooh-poohing Xi Jinping

America’s top diplomat Mike Pompeo assails China nearly daily, but he says his dog isn’t part of his campaign. Pompeo raised eyebrows among students of social media tea leaves when he posted a picture of his dog looking ready to tear into a toy Winnie the Pooh. “Mercer and all of her favorite toys!” the […]


Playing hardball with China works – the west is right to move to a ‘constrainment’ strategy

By Andreas Fulda Global attitudes towards the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are hardening. In 2019, the European Union declared the PRC a “systemic rival” amid rising trade tensions. In May 2020, the White House published a paper that described the US’s competitive approach to the PRC based on “principled realism”. One of the report’s key passages stated that the […]

Xi Jinping’s favourite ‘two mountains’ theory is not all his own work

As the immediacy of the Covid-19 crisis has faded in China, the focus in the media coverage has turned to “the return to work and return to production” (复工复产). In the party-state media, the aggrandising attention paid to Xi Jinping as the “leader,” or lingxiu (领袖), which cooled noticeably in February and March, is also now heating […]


Exclusive: Cartoonist Badiucao says satire is the ‘temporary aspirin’ that can heal Hong Kong’s protest trauma

Chinese-Australian artist Badiucao has told HKFP that the power of political satire comes from deconstructing authority and it can act as a “temporary painkiller” for Hongkongers traumatised by the ongoing pro-democracy protests. In an exclusive live-streamed interview, the cartoonist shared his thoughts on the role of art in social movements and spoke of how humour […]

Road to activism: how a Hong Kong student led anti-extradition law solidarity protests in Taiwan

“No China extradition!” “Support Hong Kong!” “Protect Taiwan!” people chanted outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei on June 16 – both in Mandarin and Cantonese. On a burning summer afternoon in the capital where the temperature surpassed 30 Celsius, an estimated 10,000 Taiwanese and Hongkongers – mostly students – rallied in solidarity with the millions […]


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