New book ‘Defying the Dragon: Hong Kong and the World’s Largest Dictatorship’ by columnist Steve Vines

Veteran journalist Stephen Vines’ new book Defying the Dragon details Hong Kong’s story of defiance against Beijing’s totalitarianism. It is now available to order through HKFP, at a discount, with profits going to our newsroom. Next shipping date: APRIL 21.

Drawing on his three decades of experience in the region, the new volume by HKFP’s columnist traces Hong Kong’s tumultuous relationship with Beijing in recent years, right up to the current political crackdown.

The work delves into the existential questions plaguing the region today, and what it means for the wider world: “Is Xi’s China as unshakeable as it seems? What are its real interests in Hong Kong? Why are Beijing’s time-honoured means of control no longer working there? And where does this leave Hongkongers themselves?”

Hong Kong, 18 jan 2012 Steve Vines in Hong Kong. Photo Kees Metselaar
Steve Vines in Hong Kong. Photo Kees Metselaar
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