HKFP often works with carefully selected and relevant advertisers who wish to reach our audience and support our mission. Content which is paid-for is clearly marked in the interests of transparency. We carry several types of partner content, including:

  • Banners ads: Google-managed and HKFP-managed banner ads run across each page of the website.
  • Shopping referral links:  Referral links to sites such as may be embedded in articles and declared – HKFP receives a cut of any sales.
  • Advertorials: Original advertorial content which has been reviewed by a paid advertiser or donor is marked as “sponsored” in multiple places.
  • Partnerships: Content in which HKFP has worked with a paid advertiser or donor, but had complete editorial independence, without review, is marked as a “partnership.”
  • Media partnerships: HKFP helps to promote key media/artistic/charitiable events which are of interest to staff/readers or we wish to support. Paid listings will be marked as “sponsored.”