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Interview: Evans Chan on his new Umbrella Movement doc ‘We Have Boots’ and the legacy of Martin Luther King

By Daniel C. Tsang We Have Boots, Evans Chan’s 66-minute sequel to Raise the Umbrellas (2016), premiered in Hong Kong on November 18, to acclaim in the Chinese online press. An InMedia write-up called the film “an epic.” A Stand News column said that together with Raise the Umbrellas, Boots offers the best introduction to […]

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Amnesty International decries ‘chilling effect’ of Hong Kong’s prosecution of pro-democracy figures

NGO Amnesty International has decried the “chilling effect” of the Hong Kong government’s recent public order-related prosecutions upon freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in the city. In its annual State of the World’s Human Rights Report released on Thursday, Amnesty’s Hong Kong Director Mabel Au said that the use of vague charges in […]

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Co-organiser Chan Kin-man tells court how Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement protests escalated beyond his control

A co-founder of the 2014 Hong Kong pro-democracy protests has testified in court that the “Occupy trio” lost control of the movement after it escalated into a full-blown street occupation. Sociology professor Chan Kin-man was cross-examined on Monday as part of the ongoing trial of nine activists and politicians who were involved in the 79-day […]

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Lost generation: Has idealism among post-Umbrella Movement youth fizzled in Hong Kong?

They lost their idealism when the 2014 Occupy movement fizzled out after 79 dramatic days with none of their demands for democracy realised. They lost any remaining sense of goodwill when the student leaders of that movement were jailed. But they never lost their patriotism as citizens of the People’s Republic of China because they […]

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‘It’s never easy to fight for what we believe in’, says democracy activist Agnes Chow

By Claire Provost Agnes Chow was still a teenager in September 2014, when she joined thousands of other young people on the streets of Hong Kong, in a historic pro-democracy protest lasting 79 days that became known as the “umbrella movement.” Last week Chow travelled to Strasbourg, France, to attend the Council of Europe’s 2017 World […]

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Kill the chicken to scare the monkey: As Taiwan liberalises, freedoms retreat in Hong Kong

By Laura Mannering. When I started as AFP’s bureau chief in Hong Kong in 2014, huge pro-democracy rallies known as the Umbrella Movement were erupting onto the streets, earning their name from the rag-tag assortment of umbrellas used by protesters to protect against police tear gas and pepper spray. Although there were flare-ups of violence, […]

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Jailed Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leader Benny Tai released on bail pending appeal

Benny Tai, one of the nine leaders jailed for participation in the 2014 pro-democracy Umbrella Movement, has been allowed bail pending an appeal. Legal scholar Tai was sentenced to 16 months in prison in April over public nuisance charges. He applied for an appeal to overturn his conviction and sentencing. Mr Justice Andrew Macrae, vice-president […]

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Tear gas was only choice against ‘radical, non-peaceful’ Umbrella Movement protesters, senior cop tells court

A senior police officer has testified in court that he believed there was no choice but to use tear gas during the 2014 pro-democracy Umbrella Movement protests. Wong Kei-wai, who was assistant district commander of Central district at the time, said on Monday that protesters were “unreasonable, radical, non-peaceful” and had charged at the police. […]