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The Umbrella Movement after three years: So much accomplished, and much still to do

Not long after the end of the occupations in December 2014, I started to hear participants say things like, “We accomplished nothing.” Most though not all of these voices belonged to young people. I was a bit taken aback because during the occupations, most occupiers had quite realistic expectations. No one thought the Communist Party […]

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The Occupy 9 trial shows Hong Kong’s judicial standards are out of line with the rest of the world’s

Well, the Umbrella Movement legal saga grinds on. Basically, these are the people who in disciplinary circles would be labelled “ringleaders.” The charges were some interesting legal antiques involving “inciting to commit a public nuisance,” and even “inciting to incite a public nuisance.” All this has been much commented on. Having been convicted, the defendants made […]

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In Full: ‘I believe we will be reborn’ – Eason Chung’s Umbrella Movement speech ahead of sentencing

Eason Chung was one of the nine leading Umbrella Movement activists found guilty of public nuisance for their involvement in the 2014 pro-democracy protests on Tuesday. He read a statement in court on Wednesday morning ahead of his sentencing. He has kindly assisted Hong Kong Free Press with the translation of his speech, from the original in […]

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Video: Accusations of political persecution unfounded, says Chief Exec. Carrie Lam after Umbrella Movement convictions

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has dismissed accusations that Hong Kong has been using judicial means to politically persecute Umbrella Movement activists. Nine leading activists of the 2014 pro-democracy movement were found guilty of public nuisance charges on Tuesday. They each face up to seven years in prison. Lam said on Wednesday afternoon that she had noticed […]

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Hong Kong police arrested 5 people inside public hospitals over June 12 protests, gov’t says

Hong Kong police have arrested five people inside public hospitals in connection with a protest on June 12, the Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan has confirmed. Speaking at a Legislative Council meeting on Wednesday, Chan said that as of October 17, five people – aged 22 to 29 – had been apprehended at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in […]

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Police round up protesters on Hong Kong Island after rally, as fight breaks out at pro-democracy message board

Masked men attacked onlookers in Fortress Hill in the early hours of Sunday as they tried to tear down a neighbourhood pro-democracy “Lennon Wall” message board. Meanwhile, police conducted stop-and-search operations in multiple districts following a protest on Saturday evening which turned violent. At around 12:30am, around five men ripped up messages posted on a […]

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‘Hongkongers are very quick learners’: Cantopop star-activist Denise Ho on walking shoulder to shoulder with protesters

Cantopop star turned activist Denise Ho has spent the past six years protesting against Hong Kong’s political system but she still has faith in its potential to reform. “I do think that in order to change the system you have to do it internally and also externally,” she told HKFP last week. “To try all […]

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Exclusive: Why Hong Kong political artist Kacey Wong is optimistic despite the looming threat of censorship

In an exclusive live interview with HKFP, artist Kacey Wong has said that the future of Hong Kong dissident art will be new, alternative platforms, adding that the national security law will only galvanise creativity in Hong Kong. The Cornell-educated artist – who describes himself as a “cultural fireman” – is known for his political […]