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‘Groundless, absurd, humiliation’: Umbrella Movement lawmaker Tanya Chan claims she was followed by police after verdict

Civic Party lawmaker Tanya Chan, one of the nine activists convicted by a court for public nuisance over the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests, has claimed that she was followed by suspected plainclothed police officers during a court break on Wednesday. District Court judge Johnny Chan was hearing mitigation statements from the nine defendants. He ordered […]

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Hong Kong’s post-Occupy struggle: Why I wrote ‘As long As There is Resistance, There Is Hope’

Kong Tsung-gan’s new book is available now with a min. HK$200 donation to HKFP. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims, have been born of earnest struggle… If there is no struggle there is no progress… Power concedes nothing without a demand. It […]

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Hong Kong’s director of public prosecutions David Leung resigns over differences with justice secretary

Hong Kong’s Director of Public Prosecutions David Leung has resigned from his role, citing differences with the Secretary for Justice (SJ) Teresa Cheng. “It is most unfortunate that I do not see eye to eye with the SJ on the running of the PD [Prosecutions Division], and the situation has not improved with the passage […]

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Years of ignoring peaceful protests fuelled Hong Kong violence, says jailed academic Benny Tai

by Elaine Yu & Yan Zhao Hong Kongers are becoming more accepting of violent protests because the city’s pro-Beijing leaders have ignored years of peaceful demonstrations, a leading democracy activist has told AFP in letters penned from his prison cell. Benny Tai, a law professor and staunch non-violence advocate, was jailed for 16 months in […]

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‘Every one of us counts’: Hong Kong protesters mobilise to promote mental health awareness

By Elaine Yu Hong Kong’s protests have ratcheted up already high-stress levels among young people as they despair for their future under Beijing’s heel in a city where anger has long simmered over inequality and sky-high property prices, experts warn. The international financial hub has been rocked by a month of huge peaceful protests as well as a series of […]

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Hongkongers have reason to protest, but this July 1st rally may be the biggest test of their resolve yet

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement went through a five-year lull. Since the 2014 Occupy Movement ended without producing the desired systemic changes, society had struggled to get it together. Disillusioned and protest-fatigued citizens seemed to have lost their political mojo and reverted to their old selves: tuning out noisy partisan bickering and minding their own business. […]

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A 5-point ‘protest protocol’ to renew civility and unity in the fight for Hong Kong democracy

Football fans are booing the national anthem and flipping the bird to the motherland. The chief executive cannot enter the Legislative Council (Legco) chamber without being heckled and shouted down. University students trade insults and engage in wrestling matches over pro-independence posters. This list goes on. Hong Kong’s protest culture—once a global model of peaceful […]

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In full: The testimony of protest organiser Chan Kin-man at the trial of the Umbrella Movement 9

Nine activists and politicians involved in the 2014 pro-democracy Umbrella Movement pleaded not guilty to public nuisance charges when their trial began on November 19, 2018. The first defendant was one of the three convenors of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace campaign, Benny Tai – he elected neither to testify himself or call […]

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The Umbrella Movement after three years: So much accomplished, and much still to do

Not long after the end of the occupations in December 2014, I started to hear participants say things like, “We accomplished nothing.” Most though not all of these voices belonged to young people. I was a bit taken aback because during the occupations, most occupiers had quite realistic expectations. No one thought the Communist Party […]