Hong Kong law on contempt of court has been repealed by neglect

As the only member of the Hong Kong Free Press team who qualifies to benefit from the probably spurious association of grey hair with wisdom, I am sometimes asked for advice about stories with legal implications. The arrest of media tycoon Jimmy Lai and two other people for public order offences the other day presented […]

Why is Hong Kong full of white elephant monuments and what can we do about them?

By Eric Wong The landslide loss of seats by the so-called “loyalist” district councillors in November’s District Council Elections was followed by queries over whether they have faithfully served the community over the years while in power. One of the areas most criticised by the incoming councillors, and indeed the electors at large, has been how too […]


Another Hong Kong uprising: defying the sovereign, or a simple demand for local standards of justice?

The contrast in perspectives was striking. Hong Kong’s sudden massive resistance to a local law with national implications made international headlines. An unprecedented number of people… between one and two million… turned out on successive Sundays in June and another half-million repeated the exercise on July First, the anniversary of Hong Kong’s 1997 transfer from […]


‘White elephant’ that won’t go away: fate of HK$50m Kwun Tong musical fountain to be decided at legislature

A proposal for a musical fountain in Kwun Tong is in the final stages of approval at the Legislative Council despite a price tag of HK$50 million and heated opposition by pro-democracy lawmakers. Described as a “white elephant” project by some Kwun Tong residents and district council members, the proposal has been debated at various […]

Concerns over similarities between CUHK Sha Tin and Shenzhen graduation certificates

A sample of a graduation certificate from the “Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen” (CUHK (SZ)) has surfaced, bearing remarkable similarities with the Hong Kong university which it is related to. Alumni have raised concerns over the potential harm to the credibility of the Hong Kong institution. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in Sha […]


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