Protests erupted in June 2019 across Hong Kong over a now-axed extradition bill. They escalated into sometimes violent displays of dissent against police behaviour, amid calls for democracy and anger over Beijing’s encroachment.


Damp squib, not a smoking gun: how Hong Kong conspiracy theorists distorted a research project

Some time back in around 2015, five researchers from, respectively, Harvard, the London School of Economics, the University of New South Wales (disclosure: my alma mater), the University of Chicago and Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich got together. They were interested in the dynamics of political protest movements and directed their attention to Hong Kong. […]

Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow released on city’s pro-democracy protest anniversary

Hong Kong democracy activist Agnes Chow was released Saturday from prison on the second anniversary of the city’s huge democracy rallies, with police out in force and protests now all but banned. Two thousand officers have been placed on standby after social media calls for residents to commemorate the failed democracy demonstrations. Authorities have kept […]


Convicted of rioting despite no evidence of rioting? How will this work with the Poly U siege?

There is something a little desperate about Hong Kong’s senior officials insisting that we still have an independent judiciary. It seems that other civic amenities have been written off. We no longer have a vaguely democratic legislature, an accountable police force, or an elected executive. We have shredded the right to trial by jury, to […]


Love at first bite: Hong Kong’s humble street food inspires an encyclopaedia

Hong Kong’s iconic yellow and white siu mai dumpling, which for decades has been a satisfying go-to street food for those in search of a quick bite, is about to get a fitting tribute – its own encyclopaedia. The everyday snack embodies a greater cultural significance, enthusiasts argue, as they document the origins and fun […]

Interview: Pro-Beijing Bauhinia Party will bloom in Hong Kong’s new political climate, says co-founder

China’s sweeping changes to Hong Kong’s political system have majority support in the city, according to the co-founder of Hong Kong’s newest political party who says the overhaul will benefit newcomers like his own Bauhinia Party. Business executive Charles Wong, in an interview with HKFP, also denied his party is geared towards mainland-born residents of […]


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HKFP Lens: Hong Kong press group announces winners of news photo contest

The Hong Kong Press Photographers Association (HKPPA) announced the winners of its annual news photo contest “Focus at the Frontline” on Sunday. Ming Pao Weekly’s Tan Chi-wing won Photo of the Year award with a picture of the International Commerce Centre in West Kowloon, with what appeared to be stars projected on the building exterior, […]

HKFP Lens: ‘The Nature of Water’ captures intense and intimate photojournalism from Hong Kong’s 2019 demos

The Nature of Water, a historic photojournalism and commentary book, captures the people, places and culture that shaped the 2019 anti-extradition law protests and the ultimate fate of Hong Kong. The title refers to the protesters’ self-proclaimed philosophy in the face of police action, inspired by the Bruce Lee quote – ”Be Water.” Over 50 photographers contributed to the book. “With intense and intimate photojournalism, protest artwork created by […]


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