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The dizzying double standards of the report on Hong Kong police behaviour

By Wilson Leung & Brian Dooley At the end of November, we warned that Hong Kong was in desperate need of a credible inquiry into police behaviour and that Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s insistence that the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC) should undertake the job was a huge mistake. But here we are now, lumbered with exactly the […]

In full: 191 parliamentarians and policymakers from 23 countries slam Beijing for ‘assault’ on Hong Kong freedoms and rule of law

A coalition of 191 parliamentarians and policymakers from 23 countries have issued a statement condemning Beijing’s “unilateral introduction of national security legislation in Hong Kong,’ and calling for sympathetic governments to unite against this ‘flagrant breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.” The letter comes after Beijing announced plans to roll out national security legislation in […]

Light sentences for China’s illegal pangolin traders ‘no deterrent’

By Bao Choy Court sentences imposed on offenders convicted of pangolin crimes in China from late 2019 to April 2020 are “non-threatening” and will not provide a deterrent to the illegal trade, say environmental activists. Data collated by #WildEye Asia shows that, of the 34 criminals convicted of pangolin-related crimes since late 2019, close to half […]

European Union Day: A celebration of solidarity

By Carmen Cano and EU Heads of Missions Seventy-five years ago, Europe was crippled by the ravages of the Second World War. National economies were crumbling and the scars of genocide and human suffering left a trail of desperation across the continent. Yet, from widespread fear and uncertainty, Europeans overcame these challenges by uniting around […]

South Koreans support Hong Kong as they recall their own struggle for freedom

By Eve Lee, Fiona Cheung, Soohyun Kim and Tiffany Chong Two hundred people in black marched from Seoul City Hall to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in late November in support of the Hong Kong anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill (anti- ELAB) Movement. They chanted slogans and held banners in Korean, English, and […]

Are China’s elderly leaders somehow immune to Covid-19?

By Tenzin Tsultrim It has been nearly three months since Wuhan was locked down on 23, January. However, before the lockdown, the virus had already found its carriers and – with the help of modern transportation – the virus spread to more than 180 countries and territories. Currently, the dreaded Covid-19 has infected over 3 […]

What Covid-19 can teach us about tackling the climate crisis

By Wendell Chan Thanks, or no thanks, to the ongoing pandemic, the world has been forced to make many changes. Organisations have adopted work-from-home arrangements or flexible working hours to avoid peak hours, and some have moved employees to backup offices to reduce physical contact. Video conferences are now the norm for business meetings and […]


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