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End of Hong Kong’s ‘one country, two systems’ poses fresh challenges for Joe Biden

By Niki JP Alsford Opposition is not welcome here. This was the clear message given to the people of Hong Kong following the expulsion of four MPs from the Hong Kong parliament on November 11 for their “unpatriotic” activities and “endangering national security”. The remaining 19 opposition MPs submitted their letters of resignation the following […]

Why a coronavirus vaccine is politically valuable to China

By William Wang and Holly Snape Hundreds of people have been queueing in the city of Yiwu in eastern China in recent days to get an experimental vaccine for Covid-19. Although the vaccine is yet to complete its clinical trials, it was reportedly given to hundreds of thousands of people in the past few months, […]

Washington should seek election to the UN Human Rights Council to stand up for Uyghurs against Beijing

By Omer Kanat In 1945, 51 countries founded the United Nations. In the aftermath of the massive suffering of the Second World War, their objectives were simple: peace and security, social and economic progress and human rights. This month’s election of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to the Human Rights Council, the main UN […]

History museum’s ‘Hong Kong Story’ was far from perfect, but it now faces a gov’t-sanctioned revamp

By Godfrey Lai The Hong Kong Museum of History has announced that its permanent exhibition – “The Hong Kong Story” – will close this month for an extensive revamp. Some fear that the new version may be tainted by political propaganda and present a distorted account of history to future museum-goers. Putting aside concerns for […]

Pro-China nationalists use intimidation to silence critics in Australia – but can they be countered without stifling free speech?

By Yun Jiang Last month, the University of New South Wales came under harsh criticism after its media team deleted an article and tweet in which Elaine Pearson, the Australia director of Human Rights Watch, expressed concern over China’s curtailment of human rights in Hong Kong. The tweet enraged some in the Chinese student community […]

Asian activists boycott Disney’s ‘Mulan’ citing China’s nationalist propaganda, censorship and police brutality

By Oiwan Lam Activists from a number of Asian countries are calling for the boycott of the film “Mulan,” released by Disney on September 4, on the grounds that production’s lead actor, Liu Yi Fei, has publicly expressed support for the police crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong. The latest release from Disney, “Mulan” is an […]

Interview: ‘Uyghur pop music humanises and amplifies their hopes’ says music expert Elise Anderson

By Filip Noubel In many societies living under oppression and cultural denial, music is often the only space and form of resistance. This is particularly true for the 11 million Uyghurs in Western China, and the many thousands now forced to flee their homeland. To understand how music has become an essential source of visibility, I spoke to […]

Cantonese is the key to success for Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities

By Mandy Cheuk, project manager The challenge faced by Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities in acquiring Chinese-language skills is a longstanding issue. The author of the HKFP op-ed “Should we expect non-Chinese Hongkongers to learn Cantonese?” appears to believe that knowing Cantonese in itself does not necessarily help with integration. But in reality, without Chinese linguistic […]

Will China’s color-coded Covid-19 tracking system come to Hong Kong?

By Oiwan Lam With Hong Kong seeing a spike in Covid-19 cases, the city prepares to test its entire population for the new coronavirus by the end of August — while pro-Beijing politicians push to use the test results in a three-color health code system. The color-coded system, implemented in different cities in mainland China, assigns a QR […]


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