Event: ‘The Days Before The Silent Spring’ – multi-channel video installation explores sustainable development in Hong Kong

[Sponsored] WMA is hosting “The Days Before The Silent Spring”, its newly commissioned lens-based project by artist Lo Lai Lai Natalie from December 15. The exhibition pays homage to the decade long journey by the members of Sangwoodgoon, a farming collective that Lo is a part of, founded by a diverse group of supporters of […]

Hong Kong man undergoes tests at hospital after sharing train cabin with tourist infected with China coronavirus

A Hong Kong man has undergone tests at Queen Mary Hospital after sharing a train cabin with a tourist from Wuhan who has tested positive for the new coronavirus from China. A 39-year-old tourist from Wuhan – who is now quarantined at Princess Margaret Hospital – has contracted the new, SARS-like coronavirus according to preliminary […]


Don’t waste your pity on Donald Tsang, we’re still paying for his megalomania projects

The convicted criminal Donald Tsang Yam-kuen – the most senior government official to have been jailed – completed his sentence last week, pitifully telling the media about his ‘suffering’. He was incarcerated for misconduct in public office but has escaped censure for his much bigger legacy of initiating white elephant projects frittering away billions upon billions […]

Time is running out for Hong Kong’s unique East-West culture and special freedoms

My, how things have changed. For the first decade or so of Hong Kong’s now 21 years as a special administrative region of China, the talk on both sides of the border was mostly about maintaining the city’s high degree of autonomy and preserving the separate and distinct economic and legal systems guaranteed in the Basic […]


West Kowloon to Guangzhou South: Hong Kong’s controversial new rail project seen from both sides of the border

As Hong Kong’s controversial high-speed railway project finally opened on Sunday, HKFP hitched a ride with a young train enthusiast who had mixed feelings about the project, and spoke with a frequent traveller from Guangzhou who found the new rail link to be “too troublesome.” Hong Kong railway fan Wyman Wong said he had been […]

Mixed reactions on first day of high-speed railway connecting Hong Kong to China

The Hong Kong section of the controversial high-speed railway connecting the city with mainland China started operating on Sunday after years of opposition, delays and cost overruns. The 26-kilometre-long railway cost HK$86.4 billion and took more than eight years to complete. The West Kowloon terminus was opened to the public on Sunday. A few ticket-holders arrived […]

Cost overruns and constitutional debate: Hong Kong’s controversial Express Rail Link, explained

The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link has started operating on Sunday. The 26-kilometre project, which is the most expensive rail line on a per-kilometre basis in the world, has seen many controversies since the government officially proposed it in 2009. Protests in 2010 The funding plan for the Express Rail Link was submitted to the […]


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