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Hong Kong Free Press unpaid external contributor terms.

  • You are independent. By submitting contributions to us, you are an independent contractor, not an employee of Hong Kong Free Press Limited (HKFP). You agree that you are not entitled to, and don’t expect any wages or compensation for the content that you submit. You also agree that by submitting contributions to us you are not eligible for any employee benefit plans or programs. You must obtain and pay for your own computer, Internet access, third-party clearances and licenses and everything else you need to create and submit your contributions to us. You cannot hold yourself out as our agent or representative or attempt to bind us to any obligations.
  • As a HKFP contributor, you must not identify yourself as a representative of HKFP while attending or covering events.
  • You represent to us that any contributions, photos and any other content you submit (1) is your original content or properly licensed content that you have the express right and permission to license to us, (2) does not infringe or violate any law, rule or regulation or the rights or intellectual property rights of any person or entity (or encourage anyone else to do so), (3) is not objectionable, inaccurate or inflammatory; and (4) is not obscene, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, (5) is not an advertisement or solicitation of business or contributions; or (6) is not otherwise against the interests of HKFP or our users as a whole; We have the right (but not the obligation) to remove any or all of your contributions that fail to comply with the foregoing, or for any other reason, without notice to you.
  • In an effort to be as transparent with our readers as possible, HKFP contributors should disclose any financial conflicts of interest related to the issue they are writing about. If a contributor receives payment or income from a company, organisation, group, or individual with a financial stake in the issue he/she is weighing in on, that information should be disclosed at the bottom of the applicable contribution. Moreover, contributors should not submit posts that include links that are paid for in whole or in part by marketing firms. Contributions must be strictly non-commercial.
  • If your post contains a factual error, you must contact HKFP within 24 hours to arrange a correction.
  • The HKFP Contributor Programme provides a forum for your ideas and expression, but is made available to you “as is” without guarantee of any results based upon the publication of your contribution, is subject to changes and could temporarily or permanently be suspended without notice to you, and without guarantee that it will operate free of errors, viruses, bugs or service breakdowns. We do not guarantee that your participation will fulfil any requirements you expect from the program. HKFP retains the right to refuse any contributions at our discretion.
  • You own the copyright to your submitted content and you can post it anywhere else you wish. However, by submitting any content to HKFP (including text, videos, photographs or audio materials), you grant HKFP a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual license to exercise all rights under copyright law with respect to such content, which HKFP may use, publish and distribute (along with your name and identifying features) on their websites and other properties and those of their affiliates and business partners, as well as for marketing and promotional purposes, online or offline, in any medium and mode of delivery.
  • You agree that if HKFP is legally required to disclose information that we have about you (including your IP address and location, name and user name), we may do so, without notice to you. If you violate any of the Contributor terms, or we receive an inquiry or complaint about your post, you agree that you are responsible, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless HKFP for all resulting claims and liabilities. This agreement is governed by law, and if we have a dispute about it, or about any content that you submit to us, the dispute will be resolved only in the courts. We may provide you notices about the HKFP Contributor Program and these terms by e-mail. These terms make up the entire agreement between you and us and cannot be changed unless we agree to it in writing.
  • These guidelines and HKFP’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and HKFP regarding the subjects covered. No other agreements, understandings, promises, or representations, other than those contained here and in HKFP’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, are part of the agreement between you and HKFP.