In June, Beijing enacted laws to prevent, stop and punish behaviours in Hong Kong that it deemed a threat to national security. The legislation was inserted into the city’s mini-constitution, bypassing the local legislature, in order to criminalise subversion, secession, foreign interference and terrorism. The move – which gives police sweeping new powers – alarmed democrats, civil society groups and trade partners, as such laws have been used broadly to silence and punish dissidents in China.


Hong Kong security law: Freelancer for UK’s ITN among two more arrested, as journalism watchdogs sound alarm

Police have arrested Wilson Li, a freelance journalist with Britain’s ITN and an ex-member of the now-disbanded student group Scholarism, according to TVB. The broadcaster said that he was detained in connection with the NGO Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong along with activist Andy Li. They both stand accused of collusion with forces […]

Kong Tsung-gan: Who I am

I’ve noticed some interest in my identity recently. I would prefer not to talk about myself; the focus should be on the freedom struggle. I am merely one of several million involved in that. But given the situation, I believe it best to say a few words. I am a Hong Kong permanent resident with […]



Explainer: How Hong Kong banned 12 democrats from the legislative election

The Legislative Council Elections nomination period ended last Friday with Hong Kong’s government barring 12 pro-democracy candidates from the now-postponed race. Most electoral officers cited a past ruling that disqualified pro-independence activist Andy Chan from running in 2016 legislative elections. They wrote that “an intention to uphold the Basic Law denotes not just a compliance […]

Exclusive: Activist Nathan Law says China’s Hong Kong crackdown will backfire, as he vows to continue lobbying efforts

Activist Nathan Law left Hong Kong before the national security law was enacted, but he has told HKFP that relocating was the best thing he could do in order to serve the city’s protest movement. Now settled in London, the former student leader has been reaching out to politicians and lobbying for the pro-democracy cause. […]


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