A man who was seen sitting precariously on a rooftop at a housing estate at the centre of a Covid-19 outbreak was helped down by firefighters on Thursday morning.

Photo: HKIncident Group, via Facbeook.

Photos and footage shared online showed him balanced atop Hiu Kwai House at Kwai Chung Estate.

Photo: HK Hope China screenshot, via YouTube.

The police told HKFP that they received the incident call at 9:55 a.m. The Fire Services Department was dispatched to the estate as officers cordoned off the area.

Photo: HKIncident Group, via Facbeook.

Kwai Chung Estate is the epicentre of the fifth wave of Covid-19 infections, with three buildings under multi-day lockdowns over an outbreak of the Omicron variant. Compulsory testing was carried out at Hiu Kwai House on Saturday, with one cleaner testing positive.

Photo: HK Hope China screenshot, via YouTube.

Police said firefighters helped the man down, and he was accompanied by his mother to Yan Chai Hospital.

HK01 reported that the 20-year-old man had a history of psychiatric issues.

As of Wednesday, Hong Kong has recorded 13,626 infections and 213 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic around two years ago.

Additional reporting: Hillary Leung.

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