The Hong Kong Police Welfare Fund received around HK$130 million in donations over the past year, according to its annual report released on Wednesday. The amount marks a 20-fold increase in donations compared to figures from before the pro-democracy protests and unrest that rocked the city in 2019.

The amount of donations, representative of figures between April 2020 to March 2021, marks a 27.51 per cent decrease in donations received in the preceding 12 months. That year, donations ballooned by over 26 times from only HK$6.5 million in 2018 to to just shy of HK$180.

Photo: Candice Chau/HKFP.

The fund’s net assets, meanwhile, have grown by 33.51 per cent to HK$351 million, the 49-page report showed.

The fund’s expenditure also more than halved, decreasing by 56.56 per cent. The largest drops in expenditure included the provision of refreshments for officers on special duties, and expenses for police sports activities, which both saw decreases of 80 per cent or more.

Donations made up the overwhelming majority of the fund’s total income in the past year, which totalled HK$135 million. Other sources of income included the hire of police services, the sale of souvenirs and contracts, and investment gains.

July 1, 2014. Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

The welfare fund – set up under the Police Force Ordinance – aims to provide and maintain amenities and grant loans and allowances to officers. It consists of five accounts, including The General Fund, Police Band Fund, Sir Siu-kin Tang Donation Fund, Music Bursary Fund and Further Education Fund.

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Rhoda Kwan

Rhoda Kwan is HKFP's Assistant Editor. She has previously written for TimeOut Hong Kong and worked at Meanjin, a literary journal. She holds a double bachelor’s degree in Law and Literature from the University of Hong Kong.