Hong Kong Free Press is launching its first fundraiser in two years. We aim to surpass 1,000 monthly contributors, as HKFP expands its operations and makes a commitment to on-the-ground reporting. Sign up for a HK$150 monthly contribution and receive a gift pack.

100 per cent independent, governed by an ethics code and not-for-profit, HKFP is #PressingOn with impartial, award-winning coverage, achieving top marks for credibility. Founded in 2015, we are backed by readers, run by journalists and structured to resist censorship – there is no tycoon, no shareholders and no Chinese conglomerate behind us. Audited each year, we are the most transparent news outlet in the city – read our Transparency Report to see how we spend every cent, and where our income comes from.

Regular, monthly support is the best way to help safeguard HKFP’s independence and press freedom – by end of 2021, we hope to increase our base of HKFP Patrons from 818 to over 1,000.

  • 2022 expansion: HKFP will hire at least two new staff members before the end of the year. We will also move to a larger, private office at The Hive Kennedy Town next month.
  • Why now: Despite rising costs, we are keen to increase our daily coverage, as the only truly independent English newspaper in the city. With just four reporters, there are too many stories we are missing, stories which are sometimes never even covered in English. Further, our number of monthly HKFP Patrons has declined this year, following a boost in 2019 – so we are keen to grow our member base and secure our future.
  • Pressing on, staying put: Our team is fully committed to Hong Kong, and we believe it is only through on-the-ground, first-hand reporting that we can give an accurate picture of daily developments. Despite the declining press freedom situation, it is still guaranteed in the security law, Hong Kong’s Basic Law, bill of rights, and the Chinese constitution. We are therefore pressing on, having sought legal, business and security advice and taken measures to ensure HKFP’s longevity.
  • Top marks for credibility: We are dedicated to responsible, impartial reporting, launching a public Ethics Code and Corrections Policy in 2020. You can be assured that every fact, figure and quote you see in an HKFP report is clearly attributed and placed in context. Ads and opinion pieces are properly labelled, and we carry views from across the political spectrum. We do not take a stance, share clickbait or carry editorials, rather, we present the facts and let readers decide. We scored full marks in NewsGuard’s credibility assessment, meeting all 9 criteria.

At a time when other outlets have been compromised, have disappeared, or are in retreat, the HKFP team has collectively chosen to press on, expand and launch a fundraiser. With your support, HKFP is here to stay.

Our new support website:

  • You control monthly contributions: HKFP will never put up a paywall – those who can afford to support us help keep us online for those who can’t. With our new support website, you can make a one-off contribution, or create/pause a regular donation any time in seconds. We accept most payment methods. And, unlike with other subscriptions, you can cancel easily, at any time, simply by logging in.
  • Token of thanks: New and existing HKFP monthly Patrons committing to HK$150 per month or more are entitled to a free HKFP sticker pack, pen and keyring as a small gesture of thanks. Simply fill out this form after activating your contribution – free postage, worldwide.
  • Hong Kong’s most transparent news outlet: HKFP is audited annually, and our Transparency Report shows where our funds come from, and how carefully we spend every cent. As a non-profit, any surplus is recycled back into the company.

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Hong Kong Free Press is a new, non-profit, English-language news source seeking to unite critical voices on local and national affairs. Free of charge and completely independent, HKFP arrives amid rising concerns over declining press freedom in Hong Kong and during an important time in the city’s constitutional development.