Over 20 police officers deployed to arrest a 40-year-old man under the colonial-era sedition law on Monday after he allegedly displayed a protest flag outside his window.

Photo: StandNews.

The flag included the protest slogan “liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times,” which has been deemed illegal by the government following the enactment of the national security law last June.

Photo: Choysumstory/Net Media.

A passer-by reported the flag outside a Mong Kok tenement building on Fife Street, according to StandNews. The police confirmed with HKFP that they arrested a man surnamed Law.

Photo: Choysumstory/Net Media.

According to the Net Media Facebook page, police broke down the door to remove the flag and arrest the man for allegedly “uttering seditious words.”

The law dates back to 1938 and was enacted to prevent Hongkongers insulting the Queen during British colonial times. Activist and DJ Tam Tak-chi is currently behind bars awaiting trial under the charge.

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