By Lord Shinkwin

Who would have thought that George Orwell’s definition of doublespeak in his famous novel, 1984, would seem so inadequate? But then he could not have known the new heights to which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime would take irony. 

Irony was on full display when its Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, addressed the Asia Society earlier this week: the US should stop the ‘arbitrary suppression of Chinese companies’; the UK should stop making ‘slanderous attacks’ on Beijing. Of course, the CCP and its puppet regime in Hong Kong know absolutely nothing about arbitrary suppression, about the genocide of the Uighurs in Xinjiang, the lucrative exploitation of their slave trade, or the incremental denial of Hong Kongers’ universal human rights.

Wang Yi at United Nations General Assembly. Photo: UN News.

I wonder if Wang realises that the main thing being suppressed is our mirth at the extent of the CCP’s delusion. Wang is the master of denial: international human rights laws do not apply to China. It is simply not true that any wrongdoing has occurred in Xinjiang. The world is flat. 

Everyone knows that systematic violations, torture and steralisation are being perpetrated against the Uighurs. Viral video footage has captured many hundreds in uniform being shipped off to labour camps. Drone footage of these camps has been widely circulated. For a regime that prides itself on surveillance, it’s shocking the CCP should be so uninformed. 

Does Wang not see that few are fooled by his histrionic indignation? The UK’s Foreign Secretary certainly wasn’t. Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council also this week, Dominic Raab described the situation in Xinjiang as ‘beyond the pale’; what is being perpetrated in Xinjiang is being done on an ‘industrial scale’, he said. Powerful words indeed, but still dependent on action to give them meaning. 

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. Photo: Screenshot via UKGov.

The CCP do not understand any other language. That is why it is so important that the UK imposes Magnistsky-style sanctions on those senior officials in Hong Kong responsible for the continued perpetration of human rights abuses, whether against Hongkongers or Uighurs. Carrie Lam tops the list. 

The ultimate irony is that the more violently the CCP seeks to suppress, the more it exposes its own chronic insecurity. For it is when totalitarian regimes appear at the zenith of their power that you know decay has already set in. Wang’s absurd denial of reality merely proves the point. He must know China is not Xi JinPing, and Xi Jinping is most certainly not China.

There is life beyond the CCP, as long as global Britain and the free world stand up to its fatuous fabrications and champion the universality of human rights in deeds as well as words. A free China, which respects its people’s human rights, will have a great future. The CCP’s days on the other hand are already numbered.

Lord Shinkwin is the Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong

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