Environmental NGO Green Sense is holding their 11th annual “No Air Con Night” initiative to promote the sensible use of air conditioning in Hong Kong and to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

The event calls on households around Hong Kong to turn off their air conditioning for one night, encouraging citizens to rethink how their habits affect our natural environment and to take action to ease global heating. It will take place on the night of Friday, October 9, from 7pm onwards.

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In 2019, Hong Kong consumed 4.48 billion kWh of electricity, 30 per cent of which was related to air-conditioning use. Such usage equates to releasing 7.44 million tons of carbon emission into the atmosphere. Relying on air conditioning to cool us down will only increase carbon emissions and aggravate global heating. Ironically, a better way to cool down is to turn off the air con and consider running a fan instead.

Last year, over 90,000 households participated in the initiative. This year, the group hopes to have 120,000 households joining in, which will reduce 514 tons of carbon emission.

Visit the Green Sense event page for more information.

Date: October 9, 2020.
Time: 7 pm onwards.

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