A year on from the anti-extradition bill protests, HKFP’s Isaac Yee revisited the streets where the city’s dramatic protest scenes unfolded. Drag the slider to switch between the before-and-after photos.

mass protest crowd umbrellaHong Kong street tram
protest admiralty lippo centre tear gas masksHong Kong lippo centre admiralty
police mtr batonMTR hong kong
caged bridge Hong Kong admiraltyLegCo Tamar park protest
protest mass crowdlegco police guard empty
Hong Kong flag protestHong Kong empty street cloudy
umbrella crowd mass protestadmiralty overpass legco harcourt road
police riot shieldsempty street tram
umbrella protest blockadeHong Kong street traffic minibus
protest fire traffic streetempty street hong kong night
protest fire night hong konghong kong street night
police riot shield shooting flareHong Kong street night
protest poly u entranceHong Kong empty poly u entrance
protest slingshotHong Kong taxi colonial building
protest police tear gasempty street hong kong
protest police tear gasempty road hong kong
protest police teargasempty street Hong Kong traffic
protest gear black lazer lightempty street hong kong
police water cannon truck protestempty streets hong kong
police water cannonempty street tram traffic
police protest gun shootHong Kong street empty
protest night crowd mass Free Hong Kong US flagsHong Kong empty street passover
police armoured truck protestHong Kong empty street
arrested protester policeOverpass Hong Kong empty admiralty
police graffiti chinazi protestHong Kong ad mtr