No Paper Studio is a Facebook page run by two graphic designers – Ka Heng and Yankee. Since 2017, the couple have been sharing paintings with old Hong Kong movie poster aesthetics.

Ka Heng told HKFP that he likes movie posters from the 60s which are no longer seen in the city. He especially adores famous poster illustrator Yuen Tai-yung from that era. He said he thinks Yuen’s hand-painted work brought joy to people.

A collage of characters and elements from various Hollywood classic movies. Photo: No Paper Studio.

They recreated the latest Hollywood movie posters including Spiderman, 1917, Harley Quinn, Deadpool and Bumblebee in the classic style.

Spiderman poster. Photo: No Paper Studio.

“When blending new and old elements, i.e. new movies but redesigned with old aesthetics, it becomes visually stunning.”

Harley Quinn poster. Photo: No Paper Studio.
Deadpool poster. Photo: No Paper Studio.
Bumblebee poster. Photo: No Paper Studio.
God of Gamblers poster. Photo: No Paper Studio.

In view of the recent pandemic, the team also created several posters featuring disinfectant and surgical masks.

A poster featuring Feng Shui master Li Kui-ming who previously said he could “power up” surgical masks to make them more protective. Photo: No Paper Studio.
1917 poster. Photo: No Paper Studio.
“Frontline medics” – a poster featuring nurses, doctors and carers who serve in “dirty teams” during the pandemic. Photo: No Paper Studio.

“I wouldn’t insert current affairs symbols just for the sake for it,” the illustrator said he paints freely and follows his instincts. “As you can see the bottle of disinfectant stands subtly next to Maggie Cheung.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” the pun read. Photo: No Paper Studio.

“I hope my work, like Yuen’s, can bring joy to people,” said Ka Heng.


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