Graduates from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have produced a stunning dance tribute to the ongoing protest movement.

“We are a group of HKUST alumni graduated in different years, from different levels and industries,” one of the organisers from Danzmocrazy told HKFP. “We love our Hong Kong – our home. In 2019, we are all awakened from our usual lives. Our city, our identity, our culture & values, our freedom are being nibbled by the regime.”

Photo: Danzmocrazy screenshot.

The video includes iconic scenes and moments from the 2019 demonstrations and unrest and features the protest anthems Do You Hear the People Sing and Glory to Hong Kong.

The organiser told HKFP that it was time for Hongkongers to stand up and safeguard the city: “We wish to use our passion in dance… to reunite everyone and to invite the world to stand with Hong Kong, fight for Hong Kong against absolute power and authority.”

Photo: Danzmocrazy screenshot.

“[W]e thought music and dance can connect people more easily. No matter what political views people have. No matter where people are from. No matter what language people speak. We’d like to express our feelings. Listen to our heart. Take a deep breath. Believe that everyone can make an impact and Hong Kong is full of hope. Never give up!” they added.

In an equally stunning creative effort, Hongkongers produced a video to accompany Glory to Hong Kong earlier in the year, depicting an orchestra playing amid tear gas.

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Tom Grundy

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