Hong Kong demonstrators kicked a woman to the ground on Friday after she tore down protest flyers inside a pedestrian tunnel. The assault took place during a nearby rally against alleged police abuse at the San Uk Ling holding centre.

Photo: Laurel Chor/HKFP.

Up to ten people attacked the woman just before 10pm, as others heckled and shone laser pointers at her. After she was sprayed with paint, she was kicked to the ground.

Photo: Laurel Chor/HKFP.

One of the attackers threw at umbrella at her, as another stole one of her shoes. After she was hit in the face, she began bleeding profusely from her forehead. 

Photo: Laurel Chor/HKFP.

Other protesters tried to protect her and lead her to safety, but people continued to follow her to attack and taunt her. 

Photo: Laurel Chor/HKFP.

Protesters continued shining laser pointers and spraying paint at her as she was being treated by first aid volunteers. 

Photo: Laurel Chor/HKFP.

The assault took place as thousands gathered in support of protesters who alleged torture and sexual abuse at the hands of the police during their detention at a facility near the mainland border.

Organisers said 50,000 people gathered at Central’s Edinburgh Place to show support for arrestees who had been taken to San Uk Ling Holding Centre – a former detention camp for immigrants crossing the border.

Photo: Kevin Cheng/United Social Press.

Earlier in the evening, at around 9pm, a fight broke out between protesters and a man accused of suspiciously taking photos of a rally participant. Around 20 minutes into the quarrel, the man attacked protesters, prompting them to fight back. The man was punched as protesters sprayed paint on his face, according to HK01.

Since June, large-scale peaceful protests against a bill that would have enabled extraditions to China have evolved into sometimes violent displays of dissent over Beijing’s encroachment, democracy and alleged police brutality.

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