A hiker came across a huge python swallowing a wild boar on a trail in Sai Kung on Friday.

YouTube video

The close encounter took place near Tsak Yu Wu, according to SK Shum, organiser of the Hong Kong Hiking Meetup group.

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He told HKFP that it is not uncommon to spot the giant snakes in Hong Kong: “The way it looks, it must take the python a minimum of an hour to swallow the boar.”

huge python hong kong eat pig

He wisely recommended that, if encountering a snake mid-meal, it is best to “stay quiet and walk away and let the python enjoyed the prey.”

The clip attracted over 1,000 comments on Facebook, with one user writing: “The snake [is] so happy eating a big mooncake because today [is] Mid-Autumn festival.”

Another commenter wrote: “Best stay silent let the snake enjoy dinner.” The video was shared over 6,600 times.

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