Over the summer, Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill protesters have increasingly donned face masks and helmets to avoid identification and protect themselves from violence. But behind each mask is a personal story of political awakening, and a set of political demands and aspirations. A visiting photographer and artist, who wished to remain anonymous, invited Hong Kong’s protesters to write their messages on post-it notes to cover their faces – all in the style of the ubiquitous “Lennon Walls.”
“All we want is freedom.”
“I miss ‘HK’.” “Free Hong Kong.”
“Anti-extradition to China; Hong Kong people unite – we will win.”
“Police abuse their power; form independent commission of inquiry.”
“Hongkongers never give up.”
“You may feel hopeless, but don’t give up your life for this government. It isn’t worth it. Stay alive and use your vote to bring change to Hong Kong.” “‘Black police’ bullies the weak and kneels before the evil.”
“Give back our democracy and autonomy! We are afraid of getting hurt, but we are even more afraid of an unjust society. We want justice!” “Condemn violence. 612, 721, 728. The police are despicable.”
“Free Hong Kong, stand by Hong Kong!”
“We are not asking for independence. We are not asking for political reform. We are only asking for the extradition bill to be withdrawn. Why is that so difficult?”
“The people in power have swept their conscience under the carpet”
“In anger – Fuck the police, fuck the government.”
“Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times.”
“Carrie Lam, respond to the five demands! John Lee, Carrie Lam and Teresa Cheng step down!”


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