Police fired tear gas at demonstrators and residents in Sham Shui Po on Tuesday evening after the arrest of a student leader sparked more protests.

Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

Keith Fong, the president of Baptist University’s student union, was arrested for possession of offensive weapons after he bought ten laser pointers in the district at around 7pm on Tuesday. Five off-duty police officers found the purchase to be suspicious and tried to search him.

Photo: inmedia.net.

According to the student union, Fong was startled after the officers nudged his shoulder and tried to leave. He was reportedly choked by officers and sent to the nearby Caritas Medical Centre after becoming unwell. Baptist University Head Roland Chin has visited Fong at the hospital.

Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

“We believe that the police used excessive force by choking his neck. We strongly condemn it,” the student union’s internal secretary Torres Fong said. “The police were creating white terror by interrogating Fong, who was just buying laser pointers.”

Police Chief Inspector Chow Hok-yin, from the organised crime and triad bureau, said there were different legal interpretations of “offensive weapon.”

Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

“Even if an item is not of an offensive nature but someone has used it to assault, it can still be categorised as an offensive weapon,” he said.

Keith Fong being arrested. Photo: Screenshot.

“During recent operations, you can see many people flashing these kinds of laser pointers at officers. Some officers have felt unwell, and some were even injured.”

Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

Chow did not elaborate further on how laser pointers could be used to injure people.

Following Fong’s arrest, hundreds of protesters and residents surrounded Sham Shui Po’s police station in support of the student leader and in protest of the police.

HKFP witnessed at least six arrests in Sham Shui Po. Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

A large number of protesters spilt over onto nearby roads, occupying them for several hours. Many also flashed laser pointers at the building.

At around 11:20pm, tear gas was used to clear the crowd. Protesters and residents chanted slogans such as “triads” and “black cops” at the police, as locals urged the force to leave the neighbourhood.

Photo: inmedia.net.

Known for its electronics market, Sham Shui Po is a dense, low-rise residential area of Kowloon with a working-class and elderly population.

HKFP noted at least six arrests as police rushed the junction of Apliu Street shortly after midnight, after they warned the crowd they were partaking in an unlawful assembly.

District councillor arrest

Sha Tin District Councillor Wong Hok-lai was among those arrested. He said he was in the district after a Sha Tin resident complained to him that they could not return home.

Wong said he was pushed down by around ten officers, who accused him of assaulting officers and participating in a riot.

沙田區議員黃學禮被捕 警喝罵:參與暴動,你辜負咗市民期望,我都有納稅投票

沙田區議員黃學禮被捕 警喝罵:你辜負咗市民期望,我都有納稅投票警方凌晨近兩時再在深水埗推進清場,再作拘捕行動。沙田區議員黃學禮被制服,遭警員指涉嫌襲警。黃學禮被捕後向記者說明自己身份,有警員喝罵他,「區議員大晒!」「區議員襲警!」「你辜負咗市民期望,犯咗法,襲警!」「我都有納稅,我都有投票,我對你好失望!」「唔好做騷!」相關報道:【睇片】沙田區議員被捕 警喝罵:你辜負咗市民期望,我都有投票https://bit.ly/2yNBDxb浸大學生會長被捕 錢大康到醫院探望 「最緊要有公平處理」https://bit.ly/2MGD1tL拘浸大學生會長 市民包圍深水埗警署促放人 警施多枚催淚彈拘至少 6 人https://bit.ly/2KtYzat浸大學生會長被捕 O 記:搜出十支「鐳射槍」 男子試圖逃走 有合理懷疑犯罪https://bit.ly/2T7QlIM浸大學生會長買觀星筆後被捕 警指藏有攻擊性武器 百人警署外促交代https://bit.ly/33fPXwM《立場新聞》直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料 Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport

Posted by Stand News 立場新聞 on Tuesday, 6 August 2019

He denied assaulting officers and was later arrested for unlawful assembly.

In a video posted to social media, an officer is seen telling Wong: “You have failed the expectation of residents, you are breaking the law, I am very disappointed, I paid taxes and voted too.”

Meanwhile, another officer said: “Stop putting on a show. District councillors have to abide by laws as well.”

Protesters laid siege to police stations across different districts on Tuesday, Monday, last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Multiple stations were also surrounded during the city-wide strike action on Monday.

The police have fired around 1,800 tear gas canisters since June, including 800 on Monday. The force admitted that some officers had emotional issues after dealing with the two months of protest.

Tuesday marked the fourth consecutive day of tear gas in Hong Kong, as demonstrations against the government, police and the ill-fated extradition bill continue. At least two more protests are planned for the weekend.

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