The Shorties Film Festival 2019 is hosting a week-long celebration of Asia’s most exciting short films. HKFP is a proud media sponsor.

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The second edition of Shorties will be happening at The Hive in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, from May 7 to 11. It will showcase local talent and culminate in the awards ceremony and closing party.

Tuesday, May 7 – Friday, May 10:
7pm-9pm: Screening events

Saturday, May 11:
7pm – 8:30pm: Screening of best film/documentary nomenees.
8:30pm: Award ceremony and closing drinks.

Want to attend the festival? Get your tickets now:
★ 4 day festival package (4 drinks +snacks): HK$120.
★ 1 day ticket (1 drink + snacks): HK$50.
★ Finals & closing party (2 drinks included) HK$100.
★ Hive Members/ Students: Free entrance.

Ticket available via Pelago.

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Full regional schedule:
shorties film festival hong kong

Tuesday 7th May

  • Screening 1: 普洱 (Pu Er) (Singapore) – A dark drama detailing an artist’s struggle with fame. [Warning: Violent]
  • Screening 2: To you, my crush (Vietnam) – A romantic drama following the complicated and troubling nature of a love triangle.
  • Screening 3: My Deathiny (Thailand) – A drama focusing on the theme of troubling family affairs.
  • Screening 4: Darth Daddy (Hong Kong) – A drama following a seasoned tennis instructor and his life crisis.

Wednesday 8th May

  • Screening 1: Followed (Malaysia) – A thrilling drama showcasing the dangerous side of social media.
  • Screening 2: How To Get Over A Heartbreak (Qatar) -A slapstick comedy on how to get over a first heartbreak from an unsuspected guide – a book.
  • Screening 3: The Parchment (Singapore) – A Tamil thriller-horror film on sacrificial rituals. [Warning: Violent]
  • Screening 4: Delivery Boy (Hong Kong) – A romantic drama following a young man’s love story after delivering dumplings to his crush.
  • Screening 5: Sylvia (Singapore)    – A psychological thriller on technology, mental health, and paranoia.
  • Screening 6: Lo To – The Singing “Faggots” (Singapore) – A documentary about “Lo To Sai Gon Tan Thoi” – a drag show.

Thursday 9th May

  • Screening 1: Is This Where I Can Buy Love? (Singapore) – A drama following a student who moonlights as a call girl and an unexpected client, “Christine.”
  • Screening 2: Insomnia (Taiwan) – A drama focusing on a young man’s repentance through a mysterious voice.
  • Screening 3: Approved (Singapore) – A dramatic thriller following a man’s attempt to escape his fate.
  • Screening 4: To The Lights of The North《極光出沒注意!》(Hong Kong) – A documentary on the Northern Lights in Finland.
  • Screening 5: Do Not OT (Singapore) – A thriller following Mei Xin, who is working over time on her 2nd day of work. What’s going to happen as she approaches the room she’s not supposed to?

Friday 10th May

  • Screening 1: Pa (Singapore) – A drama exploring the strength of a father’s love.
  • Screening 2: One Bullet (Hong Kong) – A thrilling story of a couple trapped on a one-man hillside for 11 days.
  • Screening 3: BLOCK A-2-15 (Malaysia) – A drama following a tenant’s troubling relationship with his landlord and his sub-divided unit.
  • Screening 4: SHU (Thailand) – A thrilling drama documenting the effects of human confinement.

Saturday 11th May – Award Ceremony

  • Screening 1: Alchemy (Taiwan) – A drama exploring Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. To gain something, you must also lose something.
  • Screening 2: Wasabia Japonica (Hong Kong) – A documentary following Shigeo Iida’s wasabi farm.
  • Screening 3: The Widow (Japan) – A drama following 40-something widow, Tomoko Tanai, who recounts her experience of dating a handsome prince-charming who may not be what he seems.
  • Screening 4: Nguyen Gia Phong’s Balance (Vietnam) – A film documenting the psychology of a gay artist’s struggle with gender discrimination.
  • Screening 5: Async (Thailand) – A romantic drama exploring the relationship between sounds and memories and a man’s journey to revive his significant other from her comatose state.
    Award presentation & closing drinks

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