Before leaving Hong Kong, photographer Helen Gray set out to capture all 84 of the city’s MTR stations. HKFP’s selection includes one image to represent each line.
Island Line
Island Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
From April 2012 to April 2013, Gray took photos around exit A1 of each station in an attempt to portray their unique settings and surrounding community.
Tseun Wan Line
Tseun Wan Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
“Three years before I was due to retire from Hong Kong, I decided a wanted a record of the people of this fascinating city,” Gray told HKFP.
South Island Line
South Island Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
“But my collection has few images of people’s faces as most Hongkongers turned away from my camera, and often refused my requests even when I asked using my best Cantonese.”
Ma On Shan Line
Ma On Shan Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
“So, by selecting photos of people to show here, I hope you will experience the Hong Kong I knew.”
Kwun Tong Line
Kwun Tong Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
Gray added that selecting one image from each collection was a limiting task.
Tseung Kwan O Line
Tseung Kwan O Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
Viewers can visit her website for the full collection and travel along all 11 MTR lines to see the street line and associated architecture that make the city unique.
East Rail Line
East Rail Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
Gray said that by doing so, the viewer will discover that there is no station that can fully represents an MTR line.
Airport Express
Airport Express. Photo: Helen Gray.
Her full photo collection contains almost 7,000 images.
Disneyland Line
Disneyland Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
Gray currently lives in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
West Rail Line
West Rail Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
Tung Chung Line
Tung Chung Line. Photo: Helen Gray.
Visit Helen Gray’s website here.

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