Hong Kong Pride Parade Committee 2018 is proud to present its annual gay pride march on November 17. This year’s theme is “Call for the law, equality for all.” Hong Kong Free Press is a media sponsor.

Hong Kong Pride parade
Photo: Hong Kong Pride.

The march will begin at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay at 2pm and make its way to Edinburgh Place in Central, where there will be performances and exhibition booths.

According to parade organisers, the theme “Call for the law, equality for all” is a nod to equality as a fundamental human right: “Through promoting anti-discrimination ideals, we will persuade the government to shoulder its responsibility to legislation the sexual discrimination ordinance, thus allowing the spirit of equality to manifest in Hong Kong,” they said in a press release.

‘Proud purple’

The dress code this year is “proud purple”: “It is very difficult to produce the colour purple,” organisers said. “Sexual minorities are like the purple colour as people consider them not worthy of possessing equal rights.”

gay pride hong kong
Hong Kong pride 2015. File photo: Rainbow Action.

“Resembling the beauty of the purple colour, we hope to bring about advancements in discussion throughout society so that everyone, no matter what their identities are, can enjoy equal human rights,” they added.

Hong Kong does not have an anti-discrimination law that covers sexual orientation. According to statistics from the University of Hong Kong in July, 78 per cent of local respondents said that same-sex couples should enjoy at least some of the rights given to opposite-sex couples.

Gender-neutral facilities

Another highlight of the this year’s march is its call for more gender-neutral facilities, such as toilets, changing rooms and fitting rooms in clothing shops, to provide a safer and more inclusive environment for transgender people and carers.

gender neutral toilets

“Every organisation, company, institution or even small shop could establish [gender-neutral facilities]… so that transgender people do not have to choose between male or female facilities,” organisers said.

The group said that the introduction of more unisex facilities saves users the stress of having to choose between gendered facilities. They added that the campaign aims to raise public awareness on minority issues.


Date: Saturday, November 17, 2018
Time: 2pm-11.30pm
Venue: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay to Edinburgh Place, Central
Entry: Free

Gay Pride Hong Kong 2015.
Gay Pride Hong Kong 2015. Photo: Dan Garrett.

Five LGBT+ groups have formed the organising committee of the parade this year: Gay Harmony, Les Corner Empowerment Association, Rainbow of Hong Kong, Association for Transgender Rights and PrideLab.

Last year, the parade was attended by over 10,000 participants.

Visit Hong Kong Pride Parade 2018’s official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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