A pro-democracy lawmaker will table a motion of no confidence against the chair of the legislature’s Finance Committee. Lawmaker Kwok Ka-ki says the chair is determined to pass the government’s new land reclamation plan, even before it was submitted to the committee for review.

Last week, Finance Committee Chair Chan Kin-por said that funding to study the government’s controversial Lantau Tomorrow Vision plan- which will see 1,700 hectares of artificial islands being built off Lantau – could be passed with under 20 hours of discussion. He also said lawmakers who oppose the plan are “sinners of a thousand years.”

The Civic Party’s Kwok said he was disappointed in Chan and found his remarks to be unacceptable.

Kwok Ka-ki
Kwok Ka-ki. Photo: Civic Party.

“He has violated the independent, objective and fair role of being the chair,” Kwok said. “He already has a stance over the Lantau Tomorrow plan, which has yet to be submitted to the Finance Committee.”

“I have no other ways but to exercise my right as a member of the Finance Committee to table a motion of no confidence at the upcoming meeting,” Kwok added.

It may take more than a month to handle the motion, and it may fail since democrats only constitute a minority in the committee.

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Chan Kin-por
Chan Kin-por. Photo: LegCo.

Claudia Mo – the pro-democracy camp’s convener – has written to the legislature’s House Committee, which discusses internal matters. She asked for a debate on Chan’s remarks to be held on Friday.

“He promised that such a controversial matter could be passed by the Finance Committee in under 20 hours, [and] that the government can be assured they will get the money,” Mo said. “He has given up on being a fair and unbiased chair.”

Lantau Tomorrow Vision
Lantau Tomorrow Vision. Photo: GovHK.

“[His behaviour] is akin to cancelling the legislature’s power to monitor,” Mo added. “This is ridiculous and unimaginable.”

Mo said that Starry Lee, the pro-Beijing chair of the House Committee, had no reason to deny a debate on Chan’s remarks.

Kris Cheng

Kris Cheng

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