The Hong Kong Observatory raised a T3 storm signal at 12:20 on Wednesday, as tropical cyclone Barijat is expected to skirt south of the city in the afternoon.

Unless Barijat moves closer to the Pearl River Estuary or intensifies significantly, the chance of issuing Signal No. 8 will be relatively low, the Observatory said.

The government announced earlier that kindergartens, some primary schools and schools for children with disabilities are suspended for the day.

Photo: Hong Kong Observatory.

According to the present forecast, Barijat is expected to bring local winds that will strengthen gradually and occasional squally showers.

Winds with sustained speeds of 41 to 62 kilometres per hour are expected and wind conditions are expected to persist.

Tropical cyclone Barijat. Photo: Ventusky.

Hong Kong residents have been advised to check their windows and doors, stay away from the shoreline in case of swells, and ensure that temporary outdoor structures are securely fastened as a precautionary measure.

The Education Bureau advised schools to keep their premises open and implement contingency measures to look after arriving students; it said they should also ensure that conditions are safe before allowing students to return home.

Photo: Hong Kong Observatory.

Sunny periods with some rain are expected on Wednesday, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. Occasional showers are forecast throughout the week, with hot weather expected on Saturday.

Jennifer Creery

Jennifer Creery is a Hong Kong-born British journalist, interested in minority rights and urban planning. She holds a BA in English at King's College London and has studied Mandarin at National Taiwan University.