The body of a missing paraglider was found near Sunset Peak on Lantau Island around Friday noon. He went missing last Sunday after being swept off course by the wind and losing communication.

Patrick Chung Yuk-wa, a 44-year-old paragliding enthusiast, was confirmed dead after being rushed to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital by helicopter. The Government Flying Services spotted Chung’s parachute about 180 metres below a mountain path at Yi Tung Shan at 11:57 on Friday.

Patrick Chung Yuk-wa. Photo: Facebook,

The Hong Kong Paragliding Association (HKPA), of which Chung is a member, issued a statement on Friday confirming the discovery of a body.

Chung was found near Sunset Peak in Lantau South Country Park, close to where he took off at around 2pm last Sunday. Chung and a group of paragliders were expected to land at Cheung Sha beach, but he was reportedly blown off course by sudden gusts and lost contact with the group.

A Hong Kong Observatory representative said that southwesterly winds of around 60 miles per hour were recorded near the relevant spot on Lantau Island last Sunday.

Sunset Peak. File photo: GovHK.

A joint search and rescue operation had been underway since Sunday night, but progress was hampered by bad weather and poor visibility. The operation consisted of more than 200 people from the police, fire service, Civil Aid Service and HKPA volunteers.

A tropical depression skirted Hong Kong earlier in the week, bringing strong winds and rain. The Standby Signal No.1 was hoisted at 3:40pm on Monday.

In its statement, the HKPA noted that “the weather and terrain made search efforts difficult and dangerous in many cases,” and thanked rescuers for their efforts.

Patrick Chung Yuk-wa. Photo: Facebook,

Chung was described by the HKPA as “an experienced paraglider” with more than three years’ experience. He was an active member of the association, and helped manage its Facebook page.

Chung’s mobile phone signal was found to be active immediately after he was lost, but calls went unanswered. The signal died on Wednesday.

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