The Hong Kong Observatory raised the Standby Signal No.1 at 3:40pm on Monday as a tropical depression affected the city.

“According to the present forecast track, the tropical depression will be closest to Hong Kong around midnight tonight. Its outer rainbands will affect Hong Kong occasionally. Winds will be strong offshore and on high ground,” the Observatory said.

weather rainy rain
File photo: GovHK.

The thunderstorm warning was also raised at 1:55pm as gusts exceeded 80km per hour at Waglan Island.

“At 4 p.m., the tropical depression near Leizhou Peninsula was estimated to be about 450 kilometres west-southwest of Hong Kong…  and is forecast to move north slowly across Leizhou Peninsula in the general direction of Guangxi,” the Observatory said.

The Observatory added that the chance of the Strong Wind Signal No.3 being issued was low.

weather rainy hong kong
Photo: HKO.

More rain is expected throughout the week, though sunny periods are predicted for the weekend.

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