A Hong Kong government public service announcement for the soon-to-open Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge has left viewers bemused, as it sought to explain the “simple and convenient” application process for drivers to use to use the “park and ride” scheme.

driver application process macau bridge

The clip, shared by the Information Services Department on Tuesday, lays out the steps needed for Hong Kong drivers to use the bridge and park their vehicles in Macau.

YouTube video

The video explains that applicants must apply for a Closed Road Permit from Hong Kong, with a one-year validity, as well as an Identification Label from Macau, which has a three-year validity. Applicants must then wait for 12 working days. Then, they may purchase Macau and mainland vehicle insurance. The insurance documents must be uploaded to Zhuhai’s Online Filing Platform in order to obtain an Electronic Temporary Licence and driving permit from the mainland. Drivers will then need to reserve parking spaces 12-hours before departure using another website.

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to drive your car from HK to Macau, even for the park-n-ride. This video on the procedure is hilarious,” said shareholder activist David Webb in a tweet on Wednesday.

Another commenter on Twitter wrote: “I suspect they are hoping most people will die of old age undergoing this over convoluted process because let’s face it, this bridge was never built for the convenience of the plebs.”

“Get on the fucking ferry,” said another frustrated Twitter user.

The bridge project – construction of which commenced in 2009 – has been plagued by over-spendingdelaysdeadly accidents involving workers, instances of hacking, and falsified test results. State media have suggested that the bridge may open in the middle of this year, but there has yet to be an official date set.

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