The Hong Kong Observatory raised the T3 Strong Wind Signal at 12:40pm on Thursday, as Tropical Cyclone Ewiniar skirted southern China’s coast.

“Ewiniar will keep a distance of about 300 kilometers from Hong Kong today. Its rainbands will bring squalls and heavy rain to the territory. Members of the public should stay on the alert,” the Observatory said.

All kindergarten and special school classes were suspended for the day, as some beaches remain closed.

“Outer rainbands associated with Ewiniar will still bring squally showers to the coast of Guangdong in the next couple of days,” it said.

It added that the chances of issuing the Gale or Storm Wind Signal No. 8 was relatively low.

There will be thunderstorms on Friday and temperatures may reach 29 degrees Celsius. Showers are expected into the weekend and next week.

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